Immune system is the central part of body that keeps our system health and helps fights any kind of bacterial infections. But sometimes our immune system get weakens resulting into illness and infection in our body. To keep ourselves healthy we need resilient immune system, and that can be achieved with the help of proportionate diet, exercise, adequate sleep, hygienic living and stress free life. A strong immune system is very important to keep us healthy and strong.

Boost Your Immune System

While there’s no pill or health supplement that can boost your immune system. Adopting a correct lifestyle can boost your immunity and keep you healthy for longer period of time. Some of the easy but effective way to boost your immune system is as follows.

  • Protein Rich Meal: Our body gets energy from the food we eat, so is our immune system.
    A protein rich diet make our immunity power stronger that helps our body fight against billions of bacteria, viruses and other germs that lives in the environment. The antibodies that fight against diseases in our body are actually made from protein. This is the reason many high protein foods also contain other immune-boosting nutrients. The best way to get protein is to add soy, pulses, sea food in your diet. You can also include nuts like almonds and cashews in your daily diet.
  • Walk A Day: We got millions of excuse for not doing exercise daily. But, what you don’t know is that a proper exercise actually helps your body get a strong immune system. When you do exercise, your body automatically starts consuming necessary protein from the food you intakes and build antibodies which fight diseases like flu and viral fever. It also increases your metabolism rate and burns excessive fat that gets deposited on your body. If you have a busy schedule or you are too lazy to do any kind of exercise, try taking 10 minutes’ walk few times in a day.
  • Drink Plenty of Water: We clean ourselves daily to look and feel better. But we forget that our system also needs cleaning on daily basis. A bad digestive system can lower down your immunity power. Drinking at least 10 to 12 glass of water which cleanse your digestive track of your body and keep your body healthy from inside.
  • Avoid Wrong Habits: For most of the people, it seems okay to drink or smoke regularly. Drinking can slowly but surely destroy your immune system. This habit can also make your body prone to many serious diseases too. So, if you wish a stronger immune system, its best to stop smoking and drinking completely.

Even with the best lifestyle there still no guarantee that you won’t get be getting any virus or cold. But, this will surely make your immune system stronger which will prevent such disease to strike again.