Cody Walker Brother of Paul Walker To Play Brian O’ Conner in Fast & Furious 7

A recent report claimed that the latest Fast & Furious sequel may see Cody Walker playing the role of his fallen brother Paul Walker as the popular character Brian O’ Conner. Paul Walker can’t be replaced as Brian O’ Conner but that’s a choice nobody wants to make but unfortunately the actor is no more with us and who could be the best replacement other than Cody to offer the popular actor a decent farewell.

Most of the shooting of Fast & Furious 7 has been completed with Paul Walker reprising his role as Brian O’ Conner before his unfortunate death. The production was left with no choices on what they would be doing next. Hence they have decided to rope in Cody Walker, who being the brother of Paul, also looks a lot like him in terms of physique and facial features to finish the movie.

Should Cody Walker Fill In For His Fallen Brother?

This would be the first time in the history that a brother would replace an actor after his unfortunate death. Hence the news of Cody replacing Paul sounds incredibly awkward and more than little dark at first place. “[Producers] soon realized they needed someone who looked like Paul to finish the movie and that’s when they approached his nearly identical brother, Cody,” a source told Mail Online. “They can shoot Cody from behind and at distance. If it’s a shot they need Paul’s face in close up, they can CGI it later on.”

Now there will be some changes made in the script of Fast & Furious 7 as it seems quite impossible to cast Cody into the original script for the rest of the movie and hope the fans don’t notice the difference. And judging the fans’ reactions lately, the idea sounds absolutely crazy too. But we don’t think that’s the actual plan.

How Cody Walker Could Replace Paul In ‘Fast & Furious 7′

Paul’s death, as tragic as it was, has left director James Wan and the Fast producers a serious problem: They don’t want to write Paul completely out of the movie and pretend like he never existed, but they also can’t give him the respectful departure he deserves because he died while in the middle of shooting key scenes. Cody, who works as a stuntman, could be a compromise.

Here’s how. Brian O’Connor, Paul’s character in the movies, will die in Fast & Furious 7 – and he will die on-screen. That’s where Cody comes in — with efficient camerawork and yes, CGI and “shooting Cody from behind,” the movie will be able to give Paul (and Brian) the epic send-off he deserves, instead of having Dom Toretto (Vin Diesel) just mention off-hand that “Brian’s dead” during one of the family barbecues.

And because Cody and Paul look so alike, a touching memorial may even be a possibility.

‘Fast & Furious 7′: The Bottom Line Is Honoring Paul Walker

Obviously this is an extremely touchy subject; in trying to honor Paul’s memory, the filmmakers could inadvertently do the exact opposite. But the same source told Mail Online that “if Cody agrees it’s because he wants to honor his brother’s memory.” We trust that Cody wouldn’t involve himself unless he was positive the movie was going to be as respectful as possible and avoid entering Beerfest territory.



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